Interested in adding an additional revenue stream while helping to increase your referral’s reviews on Amazon? Then you’ve come to the right place. Read more about’s referral plans below.

For Individuals/Influencers

Your circle trusts you! Refer them to GetReviews so they can begin taking advantage of best-in-class review generation software, while also earning you a commission on each referral that signs up for a paid plan.

Referral Bonus: 50% of each referral’s first months payment as a cash payment to you.

For Agencies

Looking to grow the companies under your management? That’s exactly what we help you do! This plan is ideal for the agency who has a vested interest in growing their referral’s sales and reviews.

Referral Bonus: Tiered percentage off retail price.

Discount Percentages:

5-9 Referrals: 10% off retail

10-19 Referrals: 15% off retail

20+ Referrals: 20% off retail

How to Get Started?

Select the plan to wish to apply for and learn more about how to apply

For Individuals/Influencers

Have someone you would like to refer right now? We make it easy to do so! Follow the instructions below to send your first referral and make your first buck.

  1. Sign up for
  2. Once signed up, in the top right corner, click the user icon, and then select “Account Settings”
  3. Once on the Account Settings page, click the “Refer & Earn” tab
  4. This tab presents your referral link. Share this referral link with who you would like to sign up for GetReviews.
  5. Once the referral signs up for a paid plan, we will reach out to you requesting payment disbursement details.

For Agencies

Becoming an agency partner requires approval by the GetReviews team, but the referral process looks much the same as the individual plan.

If you are interested in applying as an agency partner, please apply here

GetReviews Has You Covered

We are here to help your referrals get onboarded quickly and efficiently

Responsive Support

We pride ourselves on quick, pertinent support to help get you and your customers onboarded as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Simple Setup

We strive to make the setup process as simple as possible by making constant improvements to the user experience. The quicker your referrals can begin  generating reviews, the quicker you can get paid.

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