In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, promotional strategies play a pivotal role in attracting customers and driving sales. Among the myriad of tactics available, single-use promo codes are a versatile way to engage customers while maintaining control over discounts. 

 Follow these easy steps to set up single-use promo codes in your Amazon Seller Central. 

What are single-use claim promo codes?

Single-use promo codes in Amazon Seller Central are unique discount codes that sellers can generate and distribute to customers for promotional purposes. Each code can only be used once by a single customer. What's great about creating these on Amazon is you can control the distribution of discounts, track the effectiveness of the promotions, and offer discounts to customers. 

What are group claim promo codes?

Group claim promo codes in Amazon Seller Central are promotional codes that allow multiple customers to claim the same discount offer. Unlike single-use promo codes which can only be redeemed once by a single customer, group claim promo codes can be redeemed by multiple customers until the total number of available redemptions is reached or until the expiration date of the promotion. 

How to set up single-use promo codes on Amazon

1. Login to your Amazon Seller Central account

2. On the left menu, go to Advertising > Promotions

3. There are three types of promotions you can choose from. You can only create single-use promo codes for percentage discounts, and buy one get one free promotions.

Select your desired promotion campaign. In this blog post, we will be creating single-use promotion codes for percentage discounts. 

4. Create your promotion by selecting and filling out Step 1 and Step 2. 

Under Step 1, you can select the conditions of the promo code. such as determining what product purchases are eligible, the percentage discount you want to give, and set your budget. 

Under Step 2, you can determine the start and end date of the promo codes, and give the promotion a title.

5. Under Step 3, select Single-use under Claim Code. You do not need to put in a claim code.

6. Once completed, click Review then finish. 

7. Go back to Promotions and click the Manage Your Promotions tab.

8. Select the Promotion that you just created. You will be able to view the promotion you just created. Click Manage claim codes on the top.

9. Write the name of the claim code group and enter the number of codes you would like. Then click Create. 

10. Give it a couple of minutes and refresh your page. Once it's ready, you'll be able to download a TXT file of the single-use claim codes. Now, you can share that with your customers and they'll be able to apply the promo on their next purchase. 

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