According to research, "95% of consumers read reviews before they buy a product, while 67% say they wouldn’t trust a high rating unless it comes with many reviews." When making a purchase, would you rather purchase a product with 5-star reviews or a product with 1-star reviews?

For e-commerce sellers operating on platforms like Shopify, harnessing the power of customer reviews can significantly impact sales and brand reputation. In this blog post, we'll explore different strategies to help businesses collect more reviews on Shopify, foster customer trust, and drive sales.

Why Reviews Matter on Shopify

Let's understand why reviews are crucial for Shopify businesses:

Build Trust and Credibility

Reviews provide social proof, assuring potential customers of the reliability and quality of your products or services. Whether it is positive or negative reviews, it shares honest feedback from customers, building trust for other customers and credibility.

Improve SEO and Visibility

Customer-generated content such as reviews can enhance your SEO efforts. Search engines value fresh, relevant content, and customer reviews contribute to the authenticity and diversity of your website content, potentially improving your search rankings.

Strategies to Collect More Reviews on Shopify

Now, let's explore effective strategies to encourage and facilitate review collection on your Shopify store:

1. Package Inserts

Package inserts offers a way to directly interact with customers at a critical moment - the post-purchase phase, when they open the package they receive from you. With the excitement of receiving their order fresh in their minds, customers are more inclined to engage with your brand and share their feedback.

A well-made package insert adds a personal touch and you can place a QR code to redirect customers back to your website to leave a review. Consider the following guidelines on Shopify's policies:

If you encourage your customers to leave a review, then you need to do so in a neutral manner. You shouldn’t solicit positive reviews from your customers.

On your package insert, don't use copy such as "Leave us a 5-star review" but rather, "Leave us a review."

If you want inspiration on cool package insert designs, check out Insert Booth.

2. Offer Incentives or Discounts

To further encourage customers to leave a review, you can offer an incentive or discount code. Make sure to comply with Shopify's guidelines regarding reviews to maintain transparency and authenticity. 

You shouldn't offer compensation in exchange for reviews. This includes money, discounts, free products, or refunds.

To stay compliant with Shopify's guidelines, you can offer all customers an incentive or discount code, rather than only the ones who left you a review. 

3. Post-Purchase Email Flows

Send a personalized review request email 5-7 days after the customer has made an order. Timing is critical, as you want to catch them while their experience with your product is still fresh in their minds. Aim to strike a balance between promptness and giving customers enough time with your product to form an opinion. 

Have a clear and compelling call-to-action in your review request email, prompting customers to leave feedback. 

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