Whether you're a marketer fine-tuning your strategy or a small business owner looking to collect more reviews from validated customers, you're using GetReviews.ai for a specific reason. 

To ensure your campaign not only launches but soars, we've compiled a comprehensive checklist for you to review. 

1. Reviewing your Marketplaces

Review the marketplaces that you've enabled. Whether you want to add Amazon US or your Shopify store, there are plenty of options available for you. 

Verification Methods

Select your desired verification method for each enabled marketplace. This is a reminder that GetReviews only allows validated customers to fill out your survey and we check this by order number. There are three verification methods available:

  • Order upload validation: learn more here.
  • Manual validation: learn more here.
  • Automatic validation: *NEW* Connect your GetReviews account with your Amazon Seller Central account. That means your order numbers will automatically be exported to your GetReviews account. 

2. Integrations

Review the integrations you've set up with GetReviews. Our most popular integrations are:

  • Google Sheets: once a customer finishes your survey, their response will automatically be exported to your Google Sheets. This makes it easier for you to review their response and gather insights. 
  • Klaviyo: once a customer finishes your survey, their contact information will automatically be exported to Klaviyo. If the customer did not opt-in to future marketing emails, their profile will not be exported. 
  • Tremendous: Tremendous is the application we recommend if you'd like to send an e-gift card to your customers. With the integration, once a customer finishes your survey, their e-gift card will be immediately emailed to the customer. 

3. Giveaways

  • e-Gift Card: If offering an e-gift card through the Tremendous integration, make sure that you input your campaign ID. To find the campaign ID, click here
  • Coupon code: If offering a coupon code, we highly recommend that you update the email template and send yourself previews to check. If you want to get HTML code of email templates, use tools such as Unlayer to build out the email template and copy and paste the HTML to GetReviews. 

For all giveaways, we recommend you include 1-2 of a description. Such as what the reward is and how customers can expect to redeem it.

4. Products

Review the products that you've uploaded and ensure that you've check-marked the marketplace you'd like to enable and double-check the ASIN or SKU.

Check that you've selected the giveaway you'd like to offer for that product. Note that if you select two giveaways, that means customers will see a dropdown menu of the two giveaways and the customer will be able to select their desired one.

5. Surveys

Important: Review the fine print of your survey. As a default, we have included the fine print for you, but we ask that you customize it so it matches the giveaway you'd like to provide. Also, you can include a sentence that a customer can contact if they are facing any issues. 

Important: Ensure that you've properly set up your integrations. For example, if you are implementing Google Sheets and Klaviyo, you will be required to add additional information on this page. 

Important: If there is specific copy on your survey page that you'd like to edit, scroll down to Additional Survey Settings > Edit Survey Strings. 

Once you've reviewed your account and survey details, you must:


On the surveys tab, you'll be given a test order ID and you can do as much testing as you'd like. 

In addition, review the process of how you plan on having customers find out about your survey link and leave a review. If it's through package inserts, make sure that it is inside your product packaging, if it's through email, make sure you've set up an email campaign. 

Our in-app package insert design tool will improve, but there are great free options such as Canva where you can have more advanced functions and can design the front and back. 

These are our tips! We hope that you launch your campaign and collect more validated customers. 

For any questions, email us at [email protected].