Order Number Validation

Connect GetReviews.ai to your Amazon Seller Central account to ensure only customers with valid order numbers are allowed to claim a giveaway.

Time Delay

Make your customers wait a pre-defined amount of time before they can claim their giveaway. This forces the customer to develop an opinion on your product before they can claim their giveaway.

Lifetime and Giveaway Redemption Limits

Set a limit on the number of times a single customer can claim an individual giveaway. You can also set a lifetime limit on the number of times a single customer can claim a giveaway from a survey.


The GetReviews.ai survey is embed-ready, meaning you can embed the survey form on a custom domain. You also have the option to save the entire GetReviews survey page (header and footer included) as an HTML page.

.com Review Widget

In addition to generating reviews on Amazon, you can also display the reviews collected on your GetReviews.ai survey on your eCommerce site.

Time-Saving Integrations

With integrations into popular CRM, spreadsheet, and fulfillment programs, save time on data management and let our integrations do the work for you.

Star Rating Limit

Star rating limit allows you to customize at what star rating you would like your customers to be able to post their reviews to Amazon. This allows you to apply customer service to the issue before the review becomes permanent on Amazon.

Maximum Discount Percent

Maximum discount percent allows you to limit who is able to claim a giveaway based on what percent off they purchased your product at. For example, if you set your maximum discount percent to 30%, orders purchased at 31% won’t be allowed to claim a giveaway.

Giveaway Types

There are 3 possible giveaway types that you can create in GetReviews.ai. These are 

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