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It starts with a happy customer.

GetReviews collects feedback via both inbound and outbound channels using white-label survey URLs, email campaigns, and scannable QR codes to meet your customer where they are.

This customer creates an asset.

After your customer leaves a review, GetReviews incentivizes them to publish it on 3rd party marketplaces.

This asset begets more customers.

As reviews are collected, GetReviews streamlines showing them off with our embeddable widget.

We manage your reviews.

To measure the impact of our technology, detailed survey and campaign analytics are available inside your dashboard.

Want more customers?
Get more reviews.

GetReviews creates a virtuous cycle of customer acquisition through customer exhibition.

GetReviews works with any business

Whether you sell products or services, we can help you collect more reviews.

SaaS apps & Online Courses

Leverage Customer Detection and Outbound Campaigns to predictably generate customer reviews on autopilot.


From agencies to freelancers, we integrate with leading platforms like Google Places to increase public feedback for your business.

Physical Products

Collect reviews on popular marketplaces, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, and more.

Trusted by honest entrepreneurs

From small businesses to Fortune 500s, GetReviews works for businesses at every stage.

Sumit S C.

Associate Software Engineer
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

“Nowadays, getting online reviews is a task in itself. You have to give offers and attract customers to provide positive feedback. GetReviews.ai solves that problem to some extent as it does this process in an automated way.”

Dani M.

Small Business (< 50 emp.)

“GetReviews in an automated way. It frees up the whole team of time. It activates the social validation bias in an automated way, which increases sales and frees us of time that before we had to do that task manually.”

Md. Sajjad H.

Sales and Marketing Manager
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

“I have enriched Amazon product reviews with quality and quantity with GetReviews.ai. It has helped attract more customers, and I have got opportunity money as a crucial earning source.”

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