How does work?

Step 1

Customer receives Amazon package containing your product

Step 2

Customer opens the product, and sees your packing slip with an offer for a free product. To claim their free product, the customer must visit the survey URL on the packing slip

Step 3

Customer visits your survey URL (powered by,) inputs their Amazon order number, and provides a rating and review for the product they purchased from you

Step 4

Customer copies their review, and is redirected to the “Leave a Review” page on Amazon for the product they purchased from you. Customer pastes and submits review on Amazon

Step 5

Customer returns to your survey, selects a free product, and enters their shipping address

Step 6

Customer receives their free product 1-2 weeks later

Demo a Survey

Interact with a survey as if you were your customer who just received your Amazon product containing your free product offering. To proceed through the demo, choose any product, then use order number: 183-9274351-2834205

Use order number


Learn some of the core features of

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Validate on Amazon

Connect to your Amazon Seller Central account to ensure only customers with valid order numbers are allowed to claim a giveaway.

Time Delay

Make your customers wait a pre-defined amount of time before they can claim their giveaway. This forces the customer to develop an opinion on your product before they can claim their giveaway.

Lifetime and Giveaway Redemption Limits

Redemption limits limit the number of redemptions one customer can make both on the survey (lifetime), and on specific giveaways.

Custom Domain Support

Host your survey on a custom domain name of your choosing. Your survey is also embeddable, meaning you can embed the survey on existing websites.

Website Embed Widget

In addition to generating reviews on Amazon, you can also display the reviews collected on your survey on your eCommerce site.

Time-Saving Integrations

With integrations into popular CRM, spreadsheet, and fulfillment programs, save time on data management and let our integrations do the work for you.

See Every Review

With GetReviews, you can see every submission that has occurred on your survey (both complete and incomplete)

Integration Partners

Save time and money by utilizing our library of integrations to automate your data flow

GetReviews Integrations

Choose the right plan for your business

Flexible plans designed to grow with your business


$89.99/ month

  • 0 - 100 Reviews
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Giveaways
  • Unlimited Users
  • Basic Integrations


$399.99/ month

  • Unlimited Reviews
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Giveaways
  • Unlimited Users
  • Professional Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

Read through some frequently asked questions

Yes. A violation to Amazon’s product review policy would be if “a seller offers a free product in exchange for a review.” With GetReviews, there is no exchange for an Amazon review since an Amazon review is not required for the customer to get their free product. Removing the requirement of an Amazon review removes the exchange.

GetReviews gathers your customer rating and review on GetReviews first, then presents your customer with the option to copy and paste their review onto Amazon.

Your giveaway offer should be visible immediately upon opening or viewing your product. This can be accomplished by including packing/packaging slips inside of your product packaging, or adding a sticker to your product packaging. Something in-their-face to let them know that they have a freebie waiting for them!

Yep! You can show your survey on a custom domain either by embedding the survey in an iFrame on an existing site or by editing your domain names CNAME records to show your survey on that domain.

Your actual customers! is not a review club or pay-per-review site. relies on you driving your actual Amazon customers back to your survey by communicating a free product offer to them on a packing slip.

Up to 100% of your participating sales volume. For example, if you sell 100 of one product with the packing slip, and all 100 of those customers went to your site and completed the survey, then you stand to have gained 100 new Amazon reviews for that participating product. has seen up to 90% verified paste-to-Amazon rates for our clients.

It depends. Configuring your Getreviews account can be done in under an hour. The design and implementation of packing slips is what varies by company. Depending on how quickly you can design and package your packing slips with your products will determine how quickly you can start generating reviews.

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