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Google Sheets

Export each survey response as a new row in a Google Sheet with the Google Sheets integration.

On Google Sheets:

  1. Visit Google Sheets
  2. Create new Sheet (important: Leave sheet blank. Adding any content to sheet will break functionality)
  3. In the top right corner of your sheet, click the green "Share" button
  4. Paste this email address into the "Share with people and groups" textbox:
  5. Make sure "Editor" privileges are selected
  6. Uncheck "Notify People"
  7. Leave message area blank
  8. Click Share
  9. In the URL bar, locate the Sheet ID. This should look something like the bolded text
  10. Copy Sheet ID

On GetReviews:

  1. Visit the Integrations Library
  2. Locate the Google Sheets integration and click "Configure"
  3. Tick the "Enabled" checkbox
  4. Click "Save"
  5. Visit the Surveys page
  6. Click “Edit” next to the survey you would like to export data to Google Sheets from
  7. Scroll down to the "Integrations" section
  8. Tick the “Google Sheets” checkbox
  9. Paste the Sheet ID into the textbox
  10. Click "Save"

Note: The Google Sheet you've created to export respondent information to is read-only. Do not add/edit/delete data from the Google Sheet you've linked to GetReviews. GetReviews exports customer data to pre-defined column letters (i.e. first name goes into column A, last name goes into column B, etc.) If you delete Column A, GetReviews would still print first name to Column A even though Column A is now last name. If you would like to modify data, either mirror the data to a new sheet, or export and modify.

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