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Automatically send new reviews to any platform with the Zapier integration.

On GetReviews

Create an API Key

  1. Visit the Integrations Library
  2. Locate the Zapier integration and click "Configure"
  3. Tick the "Enabled" checkbox
  4. Click the "Connect Zapier here" link (opens in a new tab)
  5. Copy the API Key generated in the text box
  6. Select a "Dispatch mode"
  7. Click "Save"

On Zapier

Connect to GetReviews

  1. Navigate to the new (Zapier) tab opened above and accept the GetReviews invitation
    Zapier invitation
    GetReviews integration on Zapier
  2. Create a new Zap, then click the Trigger step
    Create a Zap integration
    Begin creating a Zap
    Create a Zap trigger
    Select the Trigger step
  3. Search for "GetReviews" and click to connect
    Search for GetReviews trigger
    Find the GetReviews trigger
  4. Open the "Event" dropdown and select "New Review"
    Zapier trigger dropdown
    Zapier trigger dropdown
  5. Click to continue, then click the "Sign in" button to connect GetReviews
  6. Paste the "API Key" from inside GetReviews in the previous set of instructions above
    Zapier connection to GetReviews
    Provide your GetReviews API Key to Zapier
  7. On the resulting page, click Continue and then select 1 or more of your Surveys from the Trigger > Survey dropdown.
    Zapier connection Survey selection
    Connect unlimited Surveys to a single Zap.
  8. Click to Continue, then click “Test Trigger" to pull in sample Reviews from your account. After selecting a sample record, continue again to choose an Action (where you'll send GetReviews review data).
    Zapier action selection
    Choose from 6,000+ destination applications
  9. After connecting an Action, map over more than a dozen Review fields including first_name, email, product name, marketing opt-in status, and many more.
    Zapier data mapping to GetReviews
    Map review data to any application

You're now done with the technical aspects of our Zapier integration, so it's time to go live!

On GetReviews

Inside your Zap, you may have selected 1 or more Surveys.

  1. Visit each survey that you enabled from
  2. Click to edit, then scroll to the Integrations section and tick 'Zapier'. You may have 1 or more other integrations also enabled or disabled at this step.
    Zapier to GetReviews survey enablement
    Enable survey triggers inside GetReviews
  3. You're done!

New reviews will now trigger your Zap, sending the data you mapped over (Step 9 above) to your destination "Action" application.

Just remember that the timing of this review data being sent to Zapier will depend on your Zapier > Dispatch mode settings.