Packaging inserts have emerged as a powerful tool for online businesses to not only enhance the unboxing experience but also drive customer engagement and satisfaction. From personalized thank-you notes to exclusive discounts and product samples, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creative packaging inserts. 

We'll explore a variety of examples showcasing how savvy e-commerce businesses are leveraging packaging inserts to leave a memorable mark on their customers. If you're looking to collect more reviews from customers using packaging inserts, check out GetReviews and what our proprietary review funnel technology can do for you. 

10 Examples of Packaging Inserts for your eCommerce Business

1. Brand: The Meta Weighted Blanket

2. Brand: Love Luna

3. Brand: Supply

4. Brand: West & Willow

5. Brand: Nouvy

6. Brand: Infant Optics

7. Brand: Cheeky Mugs

8. Brand: Killer Heels Comfort

9. Brand: Otto and Berk

10. Brand: Larq

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