With GetReviews, collect your reviews with ease using our proprietary review funnel technology. GetReviews only allows those who have had a verifiable interaction with your business to be allowed into your review funnel. This is accomplished with unique, pre-validated links or QR codes (one-time use URLs).

You can place these QR codes on packaging inserts. We've compiled 10 examples of packaging inserts for you to get inspiration from. 

If you're looking to create your first giveaway with GetReviews, follow this simple guide.

10 Examples of Packaging Inserts for your eCommerce Business

1. Brand: The Meta Weighted Blanket

2. Brand: Love Luna

3. Brand: Supply

4. Brand: West & Willow

5. Brand: Nouvy

6. Brand: Infant Optics

7. Brand: Cheeky Mugs

8. Brand: Killer Heels Comfort

9. Brand: Otto and Berk

10. Brand: Larq

If you'd like to browse more or even contribute - check out InsertBooth, our free resource for high-converting product inserts.