Many businesses send free products, coupons, or gift cards as a small thank you to their customers.

To help reduce the burden of this marketing expense, our giveaway feature now supports (optional) Shipping & Handling fees.

If you'd like to charge your customers a small amount to help process the gift, you may now set this up in just a couple minutes.

Step 1 - Enable Stripe Connect

Inside GetReviews, visit your account profile from the top-right dropdown. Then select Shipping & Handling on the left side navigation.

Here you'll connect an existing (or new) account, which is a payment platform we use to securely transmit all shipping & handling fees to your bank account.

Click "Connect Stripe Account" to be guided through a quick connection wizard on their website.

During this process you'll be able to set a statement descriptor for your customer's payment records - we suggest "S&H" or your brand name.

Step 2 - Update your Giveaways

Back inside GetReviews, visit a (product, not coupon/eGift) giveaway for which you'd like to charge shipping & handling fees.

Scroll down to the Shipping & Handling section.

Here you can specify an amount, say 2.99, and a currency. We currently support USD, CAD, AUD, and EUR.

Any amount is allowed, and 100% of all revenue will be sent directly to your bank account specified in Step 1 above.

Step 3 - You're Done!

Going forward, customers who fill out your GetReviews survey connected to this giveaway will be charged a fee to process their gift.

This heading text ("Shipping & Handling Fee: { { amount } }")  is customizable via the Survey > Edit > Additional Settings > Survey Strings section.

If at any point you'd like to update or remove the shipping & handling fees for an item, simply change the amount to "0" inside the Giveaway edit form. is a tool that provides a survey flow technology for e-commerce sellers selling on various marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, and Target to effortlessly collect more validated reviews from customers post-purchase and reward them with coupon codes, free products, and gift cards in a compliant manner. Easily set up your survey page, package inserts, and QR codes on our platform. 

Start today to collect more reviews, get customer insights, and increase sales! For a demo, schedule a call with the team here.