As we expand beyond our humble beginnings as an Amazon seller tool, we need new ways to help our customers share shopper data to optimize review collection.

Today we're excited to introduce the Orders API, a simple endpoint that allows businesses of all kinds to submit high level customer details.

Getting Started

Inside GetReviews, head to your Account Settings in the top right, then click Developers.

Here you can make an API key. Once you have it, visit the docs for next steps.

Benefits of the API

Sharing customer details with GetReviews is optional, but does have a few benefits.
  1. You can enable Outbound campaigns, where we collect reviews on your behalf leveraging best practices and big data.
  2. If your survey offers respondents a giveaway for their feedback, providing Order IDs allows us to validate the review before triggering integrations with 3PL, etc.
  3. If you want to enforce customers to wait X days before writing reviews, providing Order IDs allows us to enforce this delay.
  4. You may auto-identify customers during survey initialization, skipping the data-gathering steps (product purchased, customer name / email, etc) as well as validating reviewer authenticity (benefits 1-2 above)

Next Steps

After setting up the API, be sure to check out customer detection and outbound review request capabilities. is a tool that provides a survey flow technology for e-commerce sellers selling on various marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, and Target to effortlessly collect more validated reviews from customers post-purchase and reward them with coupon codes, free products, and gift cards in a compliant manner. Easily set up your survey page, package inserts, and QR codes on our platform. 

Start today to collect more reviews, get customer insights, and increase sales! For a demo, schedule a call with the team here.