For customers with a presence outside of branded marketplaces like Amazon, we now have an easy way to show off all your reviews on any website.

To get started, click the Widgets tab from your GetReviews dashboard.

Designing your widget

Without writing code, our live preview tool helps quickly decide the styling and level of detail shared by your embeddable widget.

Review mode - full review text or star count only, like below.

Unverified reviews - ability to include reviews that haven't yet been verified by your team.

Customer names - whether or not to include your customer's name.

Customer avatars - whether or not to include publicly available images via If disabled, the customer's first initial will be used.

Total review count - it may be preferable to disable this option if you're just getting started.

Reviews you want to show - specify a particular product from your account's inventory, or combine all reviews.

Embedding your widget

After naming your widget and choosing the settings above, click "Generate Code" to create a snippet of HTML.

Paste this anywhere on your website, for example on a product details page, by inserting the snippet directly into the HTML <body> tag above or below other elements of your choice.

To customize the widget's color scheme, modify the pre-filled "hex" and "avatarColor" attributes inside your snippet code. For other tweaks such as adding a border or widening the reviews table, modify the <iframe> element directly using the attributes here.

If you need separate widgets for different pages on your website, head back to the "Widgets" tab of your GetReviews dashboard and make as many instances as you'd like, each with their own settings.


We've made this widget tool as simple as possible to get you up and running in minutes, increasing trust and conversions through honest marketing.

That said, we also understand there may be missing features or confusion during installation.

To provide feedback or request new functionality, reach out to us anytime at [email protected]. We look forward to seeing more social proof on your website!