Etsy review strategies

When first starting out on Etsy, it can be hard to get momentum. The sight of 0 reviews can be very defeating, and could be what is causing low or no sales on your Etsy store. This makes it all the more important to go above and beyond with customer service once you do make a sale. Only once your customers expectations of their purchase from your store have been met can they begin to think about the overall experience with your brand and your product.

Your customer will take everything into consideration when going to leave a review on your store. Price, shipping time, quality, etc., so it is important to make sure you tick all of these boxes to ensure you get a good review from your customer. However, you could have a perfect transaction with a customer, they could love your product, and still not leave you a review. Why is that? Most of the time, life takes precedence over leaving a review on your product on Etsy. This doesn't mean they had a bad experience, it just means they don't have the time to leave you a review. 

So, how do you get this customer to leave a review? Let us show you the top 3 tactics Etsy sellers are using to generate product reviews on their Etsy store below.

3 Strategies To Get More Etsy Reviews

1) Request a review in your order confirmation email

The confirmation email is what is sent to your customer immediately after they place their order with you. Etsy allows you to customize this email to say whatever you would like it to say via the "Message to Buyers" feature. To access your Message to Buyers feature, visit this link and search for the "Message to Buyers" text box (2nd up from bottom at the time of this writing.) Here you can automatically remind every customer to remember to leave you a review. Here is a basic template you can use in this area

Thank you for your purchase! If you enjoyed your experience with our store and our products, feel free to leave us a review. We would really appreciate it!

While requesting a review in your order confirmation doesn't necessarily yield the best conversion rate, it does serve as an additional reminder for your customer to leave their review that doesn't make since not to have (especially since it's a free feature built into Etsy.)

2) Offer a free gift on your insert cards

An insert card is a slip of paper that you insert into the box that you send to your customer. Insert cards can vary in size depending on the size of your product, but typically range in size from the size of a business card (2" x 3.5") to the size of a post card (5" x 7"). What an insert card allows you to do is communicate a message to your customer. 

This can be a simple "Thank you for your purchase!" message, or in this case, the message that you'll want to communicate on your insert card is an offer for a free gift. Here is an example of how this looks:

When your customer opens their package, the first thing they should see is this insert card. 

You may be asking, why would I give my customer a free gift? What do I get out of it? This is where our product, comes into play. facilitates the exchange of a free gift for your customer's honest review on the platform that they purchased your product from. Whereas typically your customer would forget to leave you a review, a free gift offering on an insert card in collaboration with a GetReviews survey will greatly increase the likelihood that your customer does leave you a review on the platform that they purchased your product from.

In this case, since your customer purchased your product from Etsy, GetReviews will collect their review via a survey hosted on GetReviews, and request that they post their completed review to Etsy. Then, once your customer has posted their review to Etsy, they will be able to claim a free gift that you have designated for them. This can be a product, coupon, or eGift card. The possibilities are endless! This combination of an insert card and GetReviews is a very effective way to generate more reviews on your products on Etsy.

3) Request a review in a follow up email

When first starting out, it is important to go to great lengths to ensure that your customer has a good experience with your product. 

Follow up emails are a great way to do this. Some may interpret follow-up emails as pestering the customer, but if your intentions are pure, your customer will notice this and engage. Once you have ensured that your customer's experience has been nothing but the best (and after correcting any issues they may have encountered), feel free to ask them politely to provide a review on Etsy for the product that they purchased from you.

You can also use your survey link here since GetReviews gives you a survey URL that you can easily share, so including this survey URL in your follow up email could also be a possibility.

We are a tool that provides a survey flow technology for e-commerce sellers selling on various marketplaces such as Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and Target to effortlessly collect more validated reviews from customers post-purchase and reward them with coupon codes, free products, and gift cards in a compliant manner. Easily set up your survey page, package inserts, and QR codes on our platform. 

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