Hi everyone, 

We're excited to announce a sale of GetReviews from brothers Steve and Dan Ottenad to Fork Equity, a small private equity fund run by Ryan Kulp and Hideko Tachibana.

Fork has a deep understanding of the ecommerce businesses GetReviews serves, the power of social proof marketing, and how difficult it can be to curate customer feedback.

Over the last 6 years Fork Equity owned and operated Fomo.com, a leading social proof marketing provider for ecommerce sellers, before exiting to Relay Commerce in May 2022.

It's with these insights that Fork will continue developing GetReviews to help online stores turn customers into sales advocates.

But why take our word for it? Here's Dan, co-founder and former CEO of GetReviews:

"Steve and I are excited to transfer ownership of GetReviews to the talented and seasoned crew at Fork Equity. Having bought and grown multiple successful SaaS products, they “get it” when it comes to long term, responsible SaaS ownership, which was an important factor for Steve and I in approving the sale. With additional investment in design and engineering, we look forward to seeing what new and exciting things will be developed for GetReviews now and in the future."

If you're a GetReviews customer, here's the near term game plan:

  • Product improvements - we're rebuilding the backend to support new integrations and features, including a package insert designer and custom survey domains
  • Team expansion - we hired 2 new engineers, a designer, and dedicated support rep
  • Feature requests - founders Dan and Steve helped us document dozens of your feature requests over the past 2 years; we'll be addressing* all of them

* if your request was received through a Zendesk support email or live chat, we know who you are and will reach out personally, 1:1 with questions and updates about your feature request.

If you have any questions about the change in management or upcoming product improvements, please email us at [email protected] or call / text Ryan directly at 646.543.6528.