At the heart of GetReviews is our customizable survey review funnel. But how do your customers (online shoppers) get here?

Usually by scanning a QR code, or visiting a custom domain. But where is this QR code in the first place?

It's on a package insert, designed by you.

In an upcoming GetReviews release we'll make it easy to create beautiful, high-converting package inserts (with scannable QR codes) for your survey funnels, directly inside the app.

But until then, we're excited to share a growing directory of package insert templates from around the world.

Whether your industry is wine or pet food, home goods or travel, we're working hard to collect leading brand best practices, all in one place, 100% free.

Introducing InsertBooth.

So before printing 10,000 copies of your latest idea, check out InsertBooth for inspiration in graphic layouts and copywriting. We'd also love to + backlink your own store's insert. Just go here to get started.