You may now embed reviews on custom URLs without setting up any web hosting services.

How it Works

  1. Inside GetReviews navigate to Surveys > click to Edit a survey
  2. Open up the Additional Survey Settings accordion
  3. Check the "Custom Domain" option and input a URL, for example "" or ""
  4. Create a DNS "CNAME" record on this domain, setting the Name to your custom domain and the Target/Destination to ""


Naked Domain

Your online shop is "" and you purchase a new domain "" exclusively for your GetReviews survey funnel.

In this case, your "Name" should simply be "@" , which is the same as typing in "".


You have an online store presence at, and want your survey funnel to live at

In this case, your "Name" should be a subdomin on your existing website. Inside GetReviews you should have inserted <subdomain>.<existing-website>.com.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

The above examples use Cloudflare DNS, but you can use any DNS service, including the one built into your domain registrar, e.g. GoDaddy.

It may take a few minutes for your custom domain to begin showing your GetReviews survey; this is based on the "TTL" setting on your DNS tool. Set the lowest TTL possible for the fastest availability.

If you've waited several minutes and are certain the CNAME is set up correctly, you may attempt to instead create an "A" record to a target value of -- this is not recommended, however, as one day our server IP may change.

Also note that if you uncheck the "Custom Domain" checkbox inside GetReviews > Survey > Edit, your custom domain will not show your survey. This applies even if you provided a custom domain in the text field.

After setting a custom domain, your survey's downloadable QR code will point to it with "https" enabled. You can still access your survey at the usual link, however:

Email [email protected] if you have questions about this feature.