So you created a review funnel. Customers scan a package insert, verify their order, and increase your Amazon compliant reviews with honest feedback.

But how well is your review funnel actually working? And what could you change to make it perform even better?

Introducing Survey Analytics.

Navigate to the Surveys tab from your GetReviews dashboard to view a quick performance overview of each survey. Note the differences in completion rates between campaigns.

Next, click the graph icon beneath the Analytics column for additional metrics.

From this view you can compare your survey's performance to other GetReviews customers.

Our average completion rate as of this announcement is 80.8%. If your survey is seeing a lower level of success, feel free to email us at for a free account audit.

As we continue developing this reporting feature, feedback is welcome. For example, wouldn't it be neat if GetReviews could automatically A/B test small changes to your surveys and optimize completions?

Stay tuned.