Inline Email Review Form

As designer Golden Krishna reminds us, "the best interface is no interface."

Sure, slick review funnels are great for complicated sequences like handling giveaways, verifying order numbers, and supporting multiple marketplaces.

But for the rest of us, don't we just want... erm, more reviews? Why should customers have to fill in forms on a website?

Introducing Inline Reviews

Starting today, outbound email campaigns will request customer feedback (review + star rating) directly from your customer's email inbox.

Inline Email Review Form

No website forms, no order verification, and no spam. Since only verified customers receive these email requests, all their relevant contact details are pre-filled via Customer Auto-Detection.

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Marketplace review collection - if you need customers to leave a review on a 3rd party website, for example, inline review funnels are not a good solution as they only save the review to your own account (which can be downloaded or displayed via our Embeddable Widget). To use Outbound Campaigns with the requirement to leave reviews on 3rd party platforms, email [email protected] and we'll disable the inline email form.

Giveaways - typical GetReviews survey funnels allow your customers to pick an incentive as a thank-you for their feedback, assuming you link one to your products. However, inline email forms do not support choosing a giveaway. To use Outbound Campaigns with giveaways, email [email protected] and we'll disable the inline form, forcing your customers to fill out the review funnel on our website.