You build a survey. You earn some reviews. You connect integrations. And these automations are triggered... when?

Until today, GetReviews integrations only fired when a review was "Validated." Reviews can be validated manually by your team, or automatically by cross-checking against customer data from our Upload Center.

Validations prevent messy, incomplete, and fraudulent reviews from triggering unwanted workflows at your company. But sometimes, you just want the data!

Introducing Dispatch Mode

On a per-integration basis, customers may now choose from multiple "dispatch modes" to further customize their GetReviews automations.

All integrations are set to "After Validation" by default, preserving our existing behavior. No change is required to maintain existing preferences.

Example Use Cases

A repeat customer writes a positive review, but is not qualified for additional coupons or giveaways. Setting your Google Sheets integration to 'Immediate' and your Klaviyo integration to 'After Validation' will keep your team informed of new reviews without cluttering your email marketing with duplicate contacts.

Your customer success team wants to follow up with low-star reviewers, but they're being ignored (thus not validated) inside the GetReviews dashboard. Setting your Slack integration to 'Immediate' and your giveaway (ex Tremendous)  integration to 'After Validation' will eliminate delays in customer outreach without hurting your bottom line.

An Amazon shopper expects a coupon as a thank-you gift for writing a review, but your Amazon marketplace is configured with Review Verification to measure the impact of GetReviews survey funnels. By setting your Mailchimp integration to 'Immediate' you can ensure every shopper gets a coupon right away while still giving your team enough time to evaluate recent feedback.

Get Started

Inside GetReviews, navigate to Integrations (top right) and select an eligible integration to modify the outbound trigger.

Currently supported "dispatch mode" integrations include Klaviyo, Google Sheets, Mailchimp, FTP, and Slack.