Our job at GetReviews is to reduce friction from the customer feedback process.

Today we're excited to share how we've done exactly this for customers selling on Amazon, thanks to deeplinks.

What is that?

A deeplink is a special URL that opens a native mobile app on your phone or tablet, versus the website URL in your browser.

Native app links are a better user experience because the visitor is already logged into the product, and the interface will be perfectly sized for their device.

Whenever a customer fills out your survey funnel for an Amazon product, the button to "leave this review on Amazon" will now open their iPhone or Android Amazon application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If your shopper isn't on a mobile device, it will open the regular webiste URL.
  • If a shopper is on a mobile device but don't have the Amazon application installed, it will open the regular website URL. 
  • If a shopper is on a mobile device but not logged into Amazon, they will be asked to log in via the application, then automatically redirected to your product review page.
  • If a shopper is logged into a tablet (running iOS or Android), it will open that Amazon application.

Version 1 Gotchas

Currently this feature is only available for products sold on the Amazon USA marketplace. If you sell on Amazon CA, UK, etc the review links will continue to be web URLs only.

Soon we'll add support for non-USA Amazon regions, and after that we'll extend coverage to other marketplaces with native apps such as Petco, Walmart, and more.

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