It's here! Something we've wanted to build since acquiring GetReviews in September 2022.

Our first foray into helping sellers with this necessary marketing task was Insert Booth, a weekend hackathon where we aggregated 100+ examples from brands around the world.

We then worked with customers 1:1, making bespoke designs by hand and launching survey analytics to determine which review funnels perform the best.

After months of data gathering, we now have enough insight to productize them into a package insert design tool.

Insight - Less is More

One reason it took so long to build this tool was the sheer volume of "what if" ideas we brainstormed. How many sizes should we support? What fonts can users choose from?

The first answer is 4x6 inches, or 3.5x8.5 inches. The second answer owes credit to Henry Ford  (maybe) -- "your car can be in any color you want, so long as it's black."

One font, two template sizes. Let's move on.

Insight - Advertising 101

We've seen inserts with storytelling, team photos, multiple web links, and so much text you can't read it without a magnifying glass.

Even in cases where the text is minimal, your customers still don't know what they should do with your insert. Is it a bookmark? Fire kindling?

To remove the guessing game of "how much text should I write," we've simplified options to a single headline and tagline.

Insight - Art, Not Collage

Check out the most iconic print advertisements. Whether they're from LIFE Magazine in the 1950s or a billboard in Manhattan, many have 1 thing in common -- a single, bold graphic.

Our package insert designer lets you upload a logo, background image (or color), and nothing more. You just don't need it.

Insight - Clear CTA

We should have listed this first, it's that important. At GetReviews, ecommerce sellers have the most success using our built-in review funnel QR codes.

These are generated automatically for each of your surveys, and can be downloaded for your own graphics, or inserted directly from our package insert designer.

All Together Now

With our new package insert designer, brands can generate as many templates as they need in just seconds. And you can nickname + save them to revisit later.

Once satisfied, download high resolution print-ready JPEGs. We'll even provide a direct link to our recommended printer (not an affiliate link) with the size, paper type, and other details pre-filled. It will cost about $0.01 per insert, pending your desired quantity.

Start designing beautiful, high converting package inserts in seconds right here (requires login).