For over 2 years, GetReviews has primarily served Amazon merchants. Through 100s of small iterations our funnel technology grew alongside customers to meet a slew of requirements.

But as products grow, so do their complexity. And we're big fans of KISS (keep it simply social-proof-driven-sales).

So today we're introducing a light but elegant survey theme that works for ecommerce and software sellers alike. It's called Minimal.

What Minimal Can Do For You

Our Standard survey funnel requires marketplace, product, and order # inputs on the first step. It's perfect for some use cases, but not all.

For those who prefer customers not to look up order numbers or remember where they bought your product, Minimal is the answer.

What Minimal Can Not Do

Styling updates aside, we designed the Minimal survey to support different types of businesses.

For customers offering giveaways and warranties, or charging shipping & handling fees for rewards, we suggest sticking to the Standard or Extended survey themes. Which, by the way, also got a design facelift.

But if all you need is a customer's name, email, and review? Minimal is for you.

Preserving Advanced Features

The bulk of advanced survey features like custom domains, analytics, redirect-on-finish, blacklisted phrases, and so on are still supported in the Minimal theme.

However a small handful of settings are unavailable, and have been hidden inside the Survey builder. So you don't have to wonder if a setting will carry over to your funnel -- if you can modify it, we'll make it happen.

To test the Minimal survey used in this announcement, go here and input whatever values (name / email / review) you'd like. They will never be shared.

To provide feedback on this theme, ping us at [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you.